Vikings Season 6: Big Showdown Should Surpass Everything

 The final season of Vikings should give the series a grand finale. But the makers have some surprises in the hindquarters. In the last episodes they should then be used. Now the creators came to know how intense the last episodes really become. Here you will learn everything about the tremendous finale of the history series Vikings. Season 6 of Vikings promises us an epic and venerable end to the series. Supposedly you want to heed all the wishes of the fans and exceed the already high expectations. Vikings maker Michael Hirst even suggests that the most ambitious and emotionally intense episodes are yet to come. If you believe the source Comic Book, in the final season we get to do with the best that Vikings has to offer.
For Björn (played by Alexander Ludwig) a great future has been prophesied for a long time. Supposedly his name is supposed to be even bigger than that of his ancestors: "Björn does things Ragnar could never have done, and if that becomes relevant in Season 6 – I promise you, that will be the best work Alexander Ludwig ever did Björn gets bigger than his dad. "
Lagertha actress Katheryn Winnick is also looking forward to the upcoming fights. With the final season, not only the epic battles will reach their biggest climax. Even the most elementary areas should be even more intense than ever before. The transmitter already told us some details about Season 6:
"Our Vikings will travel to unprecedented locations thousands of miles from Kattegat, our Vikings will face vicious rivals worthy of their strategic struggles, our Vikings face the consequences of Ragnar's death, the seer's visions are bearing fruit, when the final squad answers important life-changing questions and makes it clear that the war is far from over. "
The last statement could finally seal the fate of Lagertha. If Lagertha really dies, that should cause more battles. After all, Björn would certainly take revenge for the death of his mother. We are curious how Vikings will exceed our high expectations for Season 6. The finale will start on December 4, 2019 in the USA. It is not yet clear when the episodes will be released in Germany. Thanks to Amazon Prime, we will probably not have to wait too long.

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